Time to Replace a Cedar Shake Roof?

Your home is most likely one of your greatest assets.  Replacing your roof is probably the most expensive maintenance item on your home.  There are many considerations when choosing roofing materials – cost, maintenance, durability and effect on your home’s value.  

While there is no denying that a cedar shake roof is beautiful, it comes with a fair amount of maintenance.  Wood shake roofs should be inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis.  Sealants need to be applied every 2-4 years.  With proper maintenance, a properly installed premium split shake roof should last 30 years or more.  

When the time has come for replacement, many homeowners face the tough decision with regards to their wood shake roof.  The first consideration in most people’s mind is the cost.  A new wood shake roof generally costs twice as much as an asphalt shingle roof.  The type of the roof material is another consideration.  There may be covenants in your neighborhood which specify the type of roof material you may use.  Another reason for keeping a wood shake roof is to maintain the historical integrity of your home.  

The appearance of your roof is important and with the variety of today’s designer asphalt shingles, there is a color and style for most every taste.  Asphalt shingles provide better value, lower maintenance, better fire protection and longer life depending on the shingle chosen.  Today’s asphalt shingles can mimic the appearance of a wood shake roof without the cost and maintenance.  Complementary colors and designs can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home.

The decision to replace wood with asphalt has many facets and should not be taken lightly.  When it comes time to make the decision to move to asphalt, call the builder with experience in replacing wood shake roofs – Bulldog Builders.

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