Roof Damage and Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

home furnitures and appliance submergedAs a Wisconsin resident, you understand how damaging the elements can be to your property. You never know when hail or heavy winds will pelt your roof, leaving you with missing shingles, roof leaks, or loose gutters.

Your roof shields your home from the elements and should always fulfill its job. However, even the toughest roofs will become damaged as years, and natural disasters pass by.

When this occurs, you must file an insurance claim. Home insurance policies frequently cover roof damage caused by natural catastrophes. However, it still relies on your coverage, the damage, and the homeowner's insurance company.

Best Insurance Policy for Roof Damage

If you own a home in Wisconsin, buying a home insurance policy is a good idea. Home insurance protects your house and belongings from theft and storm damage. In Wisconsin, many companies sell home insurance.

Essentially, they are all the same; however, finding a trusted carrier, such as Bulldog Builders who will act in good faith is crucial.

Bulldog Builders can help you with new construction, remodeling, repairs, claims, and insurance restoration. The company treats each project carefully and focuses on helping you, even with your insurance claims.

How To Know If Your Insurance Adjuster Is Being Honest

If you decide to file an insurance claim for roofing damage, you will need to work with an insurance adjuster from your homeowner's insurance carrier. The insurance adjuster assesses your property, gathers information on the degree of the damage, and makes a decision on your claim.

However, keep in mind that the adjuster does not represent you. The insurance company compensates the adjuster to compute the lowest possible compensation on the insurer's behalf.

The insurance firm may hire engineers who interpret the policy in the most restrictive way possible, resulting in no coverage. It's crucial to understand that you will not be pleased with the findings if they send out their own third party.

Bulldog Builders will operate as your own third party, assisting you in analyzing your roofing damage and filing your insurance claim.

How To Dispute an Insurance Appraisal of Your Roof Damage

It's critical to contact your insurance carrier if you have roof damage from any risk covered by your home insurance.

The insurance company will answer all of your inquiries and may request information about your home. They will send an insurance adjuster to your house to inspect it. However, it's unlikely that you will receive your desired results.

To this effect, it is crucial to hire a professional roofing contractor. Bulldog Builders will re-evaluate the roof, file a claim on your behalf, and explain the damage and repairs required to the insurance company.

How To Deal With a Bad-faith Insurance Adjuster

roof damage and your homeowners insurance policyAll insurers owe claimants an implied duty of good faith. This means they agree to treat claimants fairly and not unlawfully restrict their rights. Some insurance adjusters engage in bad faith practices notwithstanding these limits. What, then, can you do when this occurs?

Conduct a Reinspection

Bulldog Builders are professionals; we're the best local roofing company in Wisconsin. We will reinspect your roofing damage and forward all our professional findings to your homeowner's insurance company.

File a Complaint With the Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner

You can submit a complaint with your state insurance department if your insurance adjuster and the insurance company continue to behave in bad faith. They will begin an investigation once you file a written complaint. It may encourage your homeowner's insurance company to act appropriately.

Evoke Appraisal Clause

Suppose you and your insurance company dispute the amount of loss or the extent of damages during a claim settlement, and the company does not agree to negotiate. In that case, you can settle the claim by invoking an appraisal clause in your policy.

To invoke an appraisal, each party must:

  • Pay its appointed appraiser
  • Bear the additional costs of the appraisal and umpire on an equal basis

This process is expensive, and the insurance company may delay or deny the appraisal.

Legal Advice

If your insurance adjuster is acting in bad faith, sending them a letter indicating that they have been working in bad faith, may encourage their responsiveness. Indicating a deadline to respond and notifying you that you will take further legal action may be another route worth considering. Numerous attorneys are qualified to represent you in court, and Bulldog Builders has many contacts in this field.

Lean on Bulldog Builders to Help

Filing a claim with your homeowner's insurance provider for roofing damage can be time-consuming. Bulldog Builders is Wisconsin's best roofing contractor. We are always happy to help with any property damage or insurance claims queries.

Wes Kitto - the founder of Bulldog Builders - has 25 years of experience with property claims and has worked as a public adjuster. No one in Wisconsin possesses Wes's expertise in difficult property claims situations.

Are you ready to conduct a roofing inspection and file an insurance claim? We offer free inspections. Don't hesitate to contact us today!

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