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When you need to replace your roof due to storm or hail damage, you should choose a roofing contractor who can also help you through the insurance claims process. For that, no one in the industry can serve you better than Bulldog Builders.


Bulldog founder Wes Kitto has 25 years of experience in the property claims industry, working on the side of homeowners. Under Wes' guidance, Bulldog roofers know how to get you the most compensation possible for your roof replacement.


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Bulldog Builders: Exemplary Roof Replacement Insurance Claim Support

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In 2013, Bulldog Builders was founded by Wes Kitto, a man with 25 years of property claim experience.

He has worked as an independent claims adjuster for around 30 companies as well as a public adjuster for policyholders. This gave him a complete and unique perspective on the entire insurance claims process. Kitto has also worked with lawyers in property claim litigations as an expert witness. Currently, he still does insurance claim consultations.


He continuously shares all of this knowledge and experience with the Bulldog Builder team. Our 15-man crew not only has top-class roofing skills that allow us to provide one-day roof replacement services; we also have a deep understanding of property insurance claims and can provide you with reliable insurance claim support.

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Carriers and Insurance Policies

Different carriers offer insurance policies with varying names and stipulations. Things can get too technical, but most of these policies are interpreted similarly and cover the same property. Moreover, the insured risks are mostly identical. These include roof damages caused by perils such as winds, hails, and storms.

Of course, there are exceptions. Some policies contain special conditions and excluded risks. It’s important to scrutinize the insurance policy before you sign.

If you get confused, don’t worry. Bulldog Builders has your back. We’re experts in roof replacement and repair, so we can give professional assessments to determine if the damage sustained by your home should be covered by your policy. Our team is well-versed in roof replacement insurance. We can provide you guidance and tips on your insurance claims.

Get a Carrier Who Acts in Good Faith

Not all carriers have your best interest in mind. There are good carriers, and there are bad ones. Your carrier acts in good faith if it treats your insurance claim with an open mind. The claims adjuster it sends out will go to your property to conduct a fair assessment and would write an estimate to cover the appropriate loss.

In contrast, a carrier acts in bad faith if it gets a third party like an engineer or ladder assist agent involved. This third party would be specifically instructed to interpret the policy in the strictest possible way. This results in little to no coverage.

Be careful who you get as your home insurance carrier.

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Dispute Reconciliation

Even if your carrier acts in bad faith, and your insurance claim was denied, there are still available remedies that Bulldog Builders can help you utilize.



Bulldog Builders have the advantage of being adept in both roof replacement services and insurance claim support. If the initial assessment of your insurance carrier says that the damage your roof sustained is not covered or that you did not meet your deductible, we can provide a second opinion and conduct a re-inspection.


Our professional Bulldog team would look into your roof, note the extent and nature of the damage, and assess the damage costs. We’ll then send our findings to your insurance company. They’ll reconcile their findings with ours, and if warranted, your carrier would cover the roof damage.

File a Complaint With the Insurance Commissioner

If your carrier still refuses to provide coverage, you can file a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner. There will be a corresponding investigation, and if the commissioner rules in your favor, your carrier would have to grant your insurance claim.


If you’re not familiar with this legal procedure, our team at Bulldog Builders is here to offer guidance.

Invoke the Appraisal Clause

If the parties fail to arrive at a claims settlement, and it comes down to your carrier’s words against yours, you refer back to the insurance policy. Look for the appraisal clause, and demand its enforcement.


To enforce this clause, you and the insurer will each select an impartial appraiser as well as a neutral umpire. This panel will resolve the settlement conflict and determine the amount of roof loss or damage that should be covered.


However, this process can get expensive. Depending on your policy, the appraisal clause may contain nuances that a bad-faith carrier may exploit to avoid granting the claim. They may even refuse to acknowledge the umpire’s decision altogether.

Bulldog Builders can help you contact the right legal advisor if this happens.


Seek Legal Advice

Bulldog Builders is not a law firm, but we do have connections to many lawyers that specialize in insurance claim litigation. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to resort to further legal action, we can provide a helping hand.

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How Will I Know If I Need to Replace My Roof?

Several signs indicate it may be time to replace your roof. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to give us a call:

Shingles are curling or cracking

Roof is leaking

Granules are coming off shingles

There is significant daylight visible between roofing tiles

If you are unsure whether or not you need to replace your roof, we offer free consultations. We will come out to your property, assess the situation, and let you know what our recommendation is.

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