Storm Damage / Insurance Restoration

Superior services for wind and hail damage

Bulldog Builders has unrivaled experience in handling wind and hail damage. From the actual repairs to dealing with the challenges of filing a property claim no one is more knowledgeable.

Identifying Hail Damage

Wes has 25 years property claim experience. There is no one in Wisconsin that has more experience in handling the difficult process of filing a property claim. Wes has worked as a claims adjuster for both insurance carriers and as a public adjuster (working for policyholders). He also worked with attorneys as an expert witness in depositions and trials in property claim litigation. No one in Wisconsin has the expertise that Wes brings to the table on the complex issues of property claims. There are good and bad actors in the insurance world, Wes has unique insight into that world that will reveal the complex answers to your questions.

Bull Dog Builders LLC

Insurance Restoration Services for Your Property

Bulldog Builders, LLC is your trusted contractor for property loss claims. Rely on us to work on water damage, sewer backups, hail damage, wind damage, and more. We specialize in insurance restoration work for properties in Southeastern Wisconsin.

What to Do Once You Notice Damage

The first thing you should do is to ensure your and your family’s safety. In extreme situations like broken power lines, fires, or flooded basements, it’s best to call emergency services rather than trying anything by yourself.

For more minor issues, you should secure the area first to prevent the spread of damage. This means turning your water line or electricity off, putting up covers on your roof or window, and more. This step is necessary, as some insurance companies require you to mitigate losses as best as you can. We are available to assist in this case. Just contact us for directions or advice.

Next, you should call your agent or insurance carrier to report the loss. They will generally get back to you in one to two days to talk about the extent of the damage. If it’s small, and you are uncertain about the total amount, we are here to review it and advise. Our team is also ready to help if your policy carrier drops you in case of a large loss.

Bull Dog Builders LLC
Bull Dog Builders LLC

Assisting You Throughout the Process

​​In most cases, an adjuster representing your insurance carrier will come to your property to inspect the loss. They might also write an estimate for the damages and issue payment off that amount. Usually, depreciation is applied, and they will pay actual cash value less your deductible.

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