Storm Damage Roof Replacement in Oconomowoc

Due to Oconomowoc’s location, residents regularly experience stormy weather. Thunderstorms, hail, and high winds are normal occurrences, and they can cause a lot of destruction to residential and commercial properties. Unrepaired storm damage can become a hazard and make the home or building unfit for people. So, how do you go about repairing these issues?

Bulldog Builders shares what you need to do in case of storm damage to replace or repair your roof. Keep reading to learn more.

lightning strikes roof in a storm
rain storm on a roof with gutters
home covered after a snow storm

How Can Storms Damage Your Roof?

The most dangerous aspect of a storm is how it’s a combination of several damaging things. These elements are what cause destruction to your roof.

  • Rain: Heavy rain can leak moisture into your shingles and the underlying support structure. This causes decay and structural damage. In some cases, the added moisture can encourage mold growth.
  • Snow: It may look light, but snow can pile up on your roof and put pressure on the structure. And as it melts, it creates the same issues as rain.
  • Hail: Hail is among the most destructive of them all, capable of puncturing, cracking, and destabilizing your shingles. Plus, hail can strip away the protective granules of shingles, which can redirect water flow to the wrong places.
  • Wind: The strong winds during a storm can rip away individual shingles or even blow away whole sections of the roof.
  • Ice/Frost: During the colder months, frost can occur after a storm. It can block water from draining down the gutters and will add to the weight of snow on your roof.

How Do You Spot Signs of Storm Damage on Your Roof?

Finding evidence of storm damage on your roof might be difficult, especially if you can’t easily access it. But, if you see the following after a storm, then it might be time to have it inspected for damage.

  • Missing or Damaged Shingles: After a hail or thunderstorm, take a look at your shingles and see if there are dents, cracks, or holes. You can also check if any are missing.
  • Roof Debris on the Ground: If you find pieces of shingle, wood, or other debris that you suspect are from the roof, that might mean that something was torn off after a storm.
  • Pooling Water: When water isn’t able to flow freely down the gutter, this could be a sign of damage as well.
  • Damp Areas in the Attic: Hard-to-spot holes and pooling water can cause leakage into your home’s interior, causing dampness in areas like the attic.
water damage from roof after storm
homeowner's insurance for storm damage roof repairs

How Do You Process an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage Repair?

Repairing or replacing a roof can be a complex and expensive project. Thankfully, most home insurance plans cover storm damage to a certain extent.

At Bulldog Builders, we can assist you in processing your insurance claim so we can go ahead with the repair or replacement.

We can:

  • assess the roof damage through an inspection
  • help the homeowner fill out the paperwork for the claim
  • work with insurance adjusters as they inspect your roof
  • provide an outline for repair or replacement services requested by the insurance company
  • handle the repairs or replacement once the claim is approved and funding is secured

Roof Repair or Replacement: Choosing the Best Option

Many might hesitate at first with replacements because these kinds of projects are costly, but they are necessary, especially if the damage on your roof is too extensive for repair work.

A complete overhaul might also be needed to preserve the rest of the building, especially if there are leaks that have caused decay or structural damage.

If the issue is just missing shingles or contained in a small area, then repair is still the best option. But you’ll need to patch up minor issues quickly to keep them from escalating into bigger problems.

If you would like to get a rough idea of how much different roofing projects using different roofing materials would (approximately) cost, you can request a quote using our online roofing quote form.

repair or replace roof after storm damage
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Work With Bulldog Builders, A Trusted Roofing Contractor

When in need of storm damage roof replacement in Oconomowoc, turn to Bulldog Builders. Not only do we provide comprehensive roof replacement and repair services but we’re also knowledgeable about the insurance process.

Our founder, Wes Kitto, worked as an insurance adjuster in the past so he can use his knowledge to guide you during the process.

So whenever you suspect storm damage on your roofing, call us at 414-405-1751 or send us a message to schedule a free roof inspection.

You'll get a quote for your project and we can discuss available financing options so that you can resolve any issues the right way, the first time. And if you need the job done quickly, ask about our 1-day roof replacement service.

We also invite you to check out our gallery to see some of the projects we've worked on in the past.