Storm Damage Roof Replacement in New Berlin

Wisconsin is not a tornado-heavy state, but its residents still experience an average of 23 tornadoes per year. Many residents don’t realize that such phenomena can cause serious damage to roofs, especially older roofs, potentially leaving the home vulnerable to countless dangers - and tornadoes are not even our biggest worry! Wisconsin homeowners must also consider the heavy snowstorms of the cold winter months and the heavy rains in the summer.

Temperature fluctuations and extreme weather are two very good reasons that you should consult with specialists after a storm to ensure the continued integrity of your roof. Bulldog Builders will inspect your roof and provide a roof replacement quote for free, as well as offer honest advice on your situation and potential need for a roof replacement after storm damage in New Berlin.

Our roofing experts can also advise you on the related insurance claims you can make to help pay for the job, and we offer flexible financing options to make quality roofing available to every Wisconsin resident.

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roof leak in window attic after storm roof damage

Types of Storm-Induced Roof Damage

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve witnessed storms destroy several roofing systems. Below are some of the most common storm-induced roof damage types our team has seen over the years.


During a storm, hail, debris, and wind can punch holes in your roof. When this happens, water can enter the gaps and drip into your home. No matter the size of the leaks, immediate repair is ideal. Severe cases may require roof replacement.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

These seemingly decorative elements provide sturdy shelter to your home against extreme weather conditions. For this reason, we recommend hiring experts right away when you notice any sign of damage. Doing so boosts your home’s protection and preserves its aesthetics.

Gutter Damage

Since gutters are typically adjacent to roofs, they are just as prone to storm destruction. High winds can bend, break, or loosen them, eventually leading to water damage on your home’s exterior and interior.

Roof Decking Damage

Also called sheathing, roof decking fills spaces between structural components. This part keeps shingles in place and may cause leaks when compromised.

Flashing Damage

Flashing is a crucial part of any roof because it directs water away from walls, chimneys, and roof valleys. Tears and loose parts can lead to massive water damage.

broken gutter after storm damage to roof
shingle on the ground after a storm caused roof damage

Checking for Roof Damage

Storms present unknown dangers to roofing systems. While you can request a free inspection from a trustworthy contractor, here are other ways to check your property for signs of damage:

  • Scout the ground: Look around your backyard and garden for missing shingles or flashing. Also, inspect vents, pipes, and other protrusions for destruction.
  • Observe your home for leaks: Typically, drips appear in attics, ceilings, or walls. You must act quickly or risk having mold, musty smells, and nasty stains in your house.
  • Scout for hail damage: Shingle dents and dimples are some of the more obvious signs of a hailstorm.

As much as possible, avoid walking on your roof. Doing so on a wet, messy, or damaged surface may lead to unnecessary injuries. When in doubt, call the professional for storm damage roof replacement in New Berlin at (414) 405-1751.

Benefits of Working With Experienced Roofers

Some homeowners are fans of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, but we don’t recommend attempting them when it comes to roof replacement. After all, this endeavor requires knowledge, the right equipment, and modern techniques. Below are some of the benefits of leaving such work to the pros.

Safety Training

Replacing a roof is risky because slips and falls can turn deadly. However, specialists undergo safety courses and know how to act during emergencies. If you don’t have the knowledge, experience, and tools to finish the job, we suggest calling a specialist instead.

Save Time on Paperwork

Contrary to popular belief, roof replacement is no walk in the park. Apart from manual labor, it also requires permits from the local government. With a team of experts by your side, you can breeze through this process because they will be with you every step of the way.

permits and building codes for roof replacement
high-quality roofing materials

Access to High-Quality Materials

Roofing contractors have relationships with top industry suppliers. For this reason, they can get you top-notch materials at discounted rates. At Bulldog Builders, we pass such benefits to our clients, allowing us to offer competitive pricing to homeowners in the community.

Design and Planning

Professional roofers have experts for various project needs, from designers to planners to installers. They can help you choose the best materials and techniques for your roof to achieve the look you want for your home.

Warranty and Support

Do you want to receive best-in-industry warranties and support services? You can only get them if you work with a trustworthy brand, like Bulldog Builders. Remember, roof maintenance matters. Our experts can help you keep your roof in tip-top shape for decades!

The Bulldog Builders Advantage

If you’re looking for experts in storm damage roof replacement in New Berlin, there’s no better contractor than Bulldog Builders. We’ve been serving our community’s roofing needs since 2013, and we boast a 4.8-star Google rating from dozens of satisfied clients.

Here are some factors that make us stand out among other roofers in the city:

  • Roof replacement experts: Since our inception, we’ve specialized in replacement projects. While we offer various services, we take pride in our roof replacement experience.
  • One-day replacement services: Our specialists can turn a multi-day headache around with our high-quality and super-fast services. Whether you need to replace a flat, metal, shingle, or steel roof, we can make it happen in 24 hours with a 15-man crew.
  • Insurance claim support: Bulldog Builder's founder, Wes Kitto, has 25 years of experience with property claims, including as a public adjuster, working with homeowners to get a fair deal from the insurance companies.

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