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Founded in 2013, Bulldog Builders has built a strong reputation as a reliable local roofing contractor in the south-eastern Wisconsin region. We specialize in roof replacements for residential and commercial customers, including in flat roof replacements and flat roof coatings. If someone needs a roof replacement in Brookfield, they can count on us!

Whether you want to replace your Brookfield home’s dilapidated roof or revamp its overall aesthetics, our team of professional roofers can deliver your requests and exceed your expectations. We can also help guide you through the insurance claim process if your roof was damaged due to hail or a storm.

Contact us now at (414) 405-1751 or send us the details of your project to get a free quote. We also offer financing options, so you can afford the roof of your dreams, today.

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Distinguishing Roof Replacement From Roof Repair Jobs

Before having your roof replaced, you should understand what service you’re getting. Specifically, a roof replacement is fundamentally different from a roof repair. While these two services both aim to make your roof safer to live under, they still differ when it comes to the extent of alteration or work that needs to be made.

Roof replacement entails removing the entirety of your old roofing system and replacing it with a new one. This means that this service involves a more complex process, is more labor-intensive, and requires major roofing alterations.

In most cases, a roofing replacement is needed when your roof sustains major damage like large gaping holes. For safety reasons, a roof that is over two decades old might also need replacing, especially as its structural integrity becomes more questionable. An aesthetic overhaul in roof design and form would also require a roof replacement.

In contrast, a roof repair involves only small fixes. Minor roof scuffs and damages such as nicked caulks, a few missing tiles, and tiny holes and leaks usually only need basic roof repair.

We specialize in roof replacement in Brookfield here at Bulldog Builders. We provide all the high-quality materials and experienced manpower needed to give your roof a major aesthetic and functional revamp.

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Indicators That Your Roof Is in Need of Replacement

Like all areas in a home, your home’s roof will undergo natural wear and tear over the years. External factors like storms and pests can speed up its deterioration. It’s always good to have your roofing inspected from time to time and check if it needs replacing. Doing this will help ensure your and your family’s safety in your house. It will also prevent your compromised roof from causing more problems in other areas such as the rooms or bathrooms.

Here are some signs that indicate roof issues and a need for roof replacement.

  • Wide-scale leaking: While a minor leak can be easily patched up with some epoxy, a large number of spread-out leaks are not easily remedied. It’s also a clear sign that your roofing system is starting to fall apart.
  • Huge gaping holes: If sunlight — reminiscent of spotlight vectors — already passes through your ceiling, you most likely have huge roof holes already. These holes are security and health hazards as they expose the inside of your home to unwanted elements. A roof replacement might be the only viable solution.
  • Missing or damaged roof tiles: No outdoor sign shows roof deterioration better than large-scale roof tile problems. If a lot of your roof’s shingles are already missing or damaged, it becomes less safe and visually appealing. You might be due for a roof replacement.
  • Higher energy bills: Your roof system provides more than shade and protection. It’s also responsible for providing needed ventilation and insulation in your home. If you’re experiencing unexplained spikes in your electric bills, poor roof insulation might be the culprit, and it might be time for a replacement.
  • Aging roof: Even the fittest person would eventually succumb to time and breakdown. The same thing applies to your home’s roof. If it has already surpassed its expected lifetime of 20 to 25 years, then it might already be breaking down. This is an inevitable outcome, regardless of how well you maintain and take care of your roof.
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Bulldog Builders: Roof Replacement Professionals in Brookfield

The roof is a vital part of your home, and it should not be left to the care of untrained individuals. You should only let professionals — like Bulldog Builders’ highly skilled and experienced crew — handle your roof replacement needs.

Founded by Wes Kitto, a man with nearly three decades of experience in property claims, Bulldog Builders has now grown into a 15-man crew of expert roofers. Our team has become a master of the craft, so we can confidently commit to delivering top-class service, including help with your insurance claim after damage due to hail or a storm.

We always aim to develop strong customer relations and thus provide our Brookfield clients free roofing quotes if they are just beginning the process of researching their options. Our team understands that everyone has different needs, so we also offer various financing options.

Get in Touch With Bulldog Builders Today

From huge holes to unappealing roof tiles, there are several reasons why you should get your roof replaced. Don’t settle for less. Hire the best for your roofing services in Brookfield. Choose Bulldog Builders.

Don’t have enough cash? No problem. We provide financing options. You don’t know what the exact roof problem is? Don’t panic. Call us for a roof inspection. You can’t wait a week for the roof replacement to get finished? Not an issue. We offer one-day roof replacement services.

When it comes to roof replacement in Brookfield, there are no better experts to call than the Bulldogs. Call us now at (414) 405-1751, or send us the details of your property to receive a roofing estimate.

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