Multi-Family Roof Replacement in Brookfield

If you are a property owner looking for a multi-family roof replacement in Brookfield, WI, look no further than Bulldog Builders. We all know how crazy the weather can get in Brookfield, where the winds can pick up to speeds of over 13.4 miles an hour in January, the windiest month of the year.

Brookfield is also located in an area where wind can absorb water that can damage your house. Lake Michigan allows water to flow towards the Gulf of Saint Lawrence; to the west lies the Fox River of Illinois and Wisconsin, which diverts to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. When it comes to rain, Brookfield gets its fair share with an average rainfall of 3.7 inches in June, while the snowy period lasts for five months — the average snowfall for January is 5.1 inches. The inclement weather can wreak havoc on roofs, so if your multi-family residence has experienced roof damage, we’re here in Wisconsin to help.

multi family roofing in Brookfield
multi family residence roofing in Broofield

Multi-family Residence Roof Replacement

At Bulldog Builders, we specialize in multi-family residence roof replacement in Brookfield, along with replacing gutters, siding, and replacement windows. We know that renovation projects that involve multi-family complexes aren’t for the faint of heart. Such projects involve a variety of materials, many laborers, and high costs for the property owner and the contractor.

Multi-family projects can be demanding and complicated. To make matters worse, most contractors don’t have the capacity or training needed to take on challenges related to multi-family roof replacements, nor do they have the experience or ability.

Luckily, Bulldog Builders can get the job done with high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Dedicated to providing great results every time, our contractors are all qualified to work on wind- and hail-damaged multi-family residences, including condos, townhouses, and apartments.

Top Tier Services for All Your Needs

Bulldog Builders provides innovative solutions for all your roofing repair and replacement needs, which include the following.

Award-winning Residential Services

Our team believes in transforming your property’s roof back to its pre-storm condition while going the extra mile to make it better than it ever was. You can count on us to provide roof repair and replacement services that have won plenty of awards for excellence and high-quality results.

Thorough Damage Inspection

Our team starts by creating a detailed review of your insurance policies to become familiar with your limitations, coverages, and more. We will move on to a comprehensive inspection of your multi-family property, where we’ll check on your roofing, siding, gutters, windows, and more that may have experienced hail or wind damage.

Years of Management Experience

Our founder, Wes Kitto has spent years perfecting his craft while leading a company of experienced and insured contractors who are at the top of the industry. He also has multiple managers working under him to ensure the proper management of multi-unit projects.

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Bull Dog Builders LLC
Meet the Bulldog Builders Team
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Trained and Experienced Roofers

Large projects such as multi-family residences need a team that can expertly and professionally handle the workload. Bulldog Builders comes equipped with a 15-man crew that is ready to fulfill all your residential roofing needs. Plus, our team is capable of completing a project in just one day. Our supervisors oversee the project and ensure that everything is up to standards.

Comprehensive and Reliable Warranties

You can trust us to protect your property every step of the way. Most of our services provide lifetime warranties, along with product warranties that offer a five-year workmanship and labor guarantee. We’ll also resolve all and any issues with our projects if one should arise.

We Offer Financial Stability

Bulldog Builders is a financially stable and well-capitalized contracting company, with decades of experience in providing services for large multi-family residences.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Insurance claims on multi-family residential properties can be a complex and complicated affair. As such, it’s in your best interest to work with the most experienced representatives that will work in your favor. Bulldog Builders has years of experience, where we have helped hundreds of families and individuals successfully complete their insurance claims.

Trust Bulldog Builders With Your Multi-Family Roofing Needs

Whether you own 10 or 100 units, Bulldog Builders is the leading choice when it comes to repairing or replacing your multi-family residence roof.

Our founder Wes Kitto has used his 25 years of experience as a public adjuster to help homeowner's insurance policyholders and to provide unique services for residents throughout Brookfield and the surrounding areas. No one else in Wisconsin has the diversity in knowledge and expertise in the industry that he does.

With our 15-man crew, we can fast-track a multiple-day project into a quick and effective one-day roof replacement for your multi-family residence. Our team offers free quotes, so be sure to call us at (414) 405-1751 to learn more.

multi family roof replacement
Bulldog Builder's Pickup truck

Get In Touch Bulldog Builders About Your Multi-Family Roofing Project Today!

When you work with Bulldog Builders, we can guarantee a smooth and seamless process from the beginning to the end. With our professional contractors, quality materials, roofing solutions that suit your budget, flexible financing options, and a friendly customer service team, working with us for your multi-family residence is a dream.

Our roofing services in Brookfield are second to none, so be sure to give us a call or contact us online today to have us repair or replace your damaged or old roof!

As a property owner, we understand that you need our quality and top-notch services on your schedule. We’ll be happy to work around your time frame — we can’t wait to hear from you!