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Our Story

Wherever you may go, life will always find a way to lead you home when the time is right. This happened to the founders of Bulldog Builders, LLC. Three decades ago, they met in high school in Waukesha, WI.   They took different career paths in different parts of the country; one in insurance adjustment, another in carpentry, and the third in construction.

Even though they were apart, they collaborated on projects back home whenever they had a chance. Their moment finally came when they founded Bulldog Builders, LLC in 2013.

About Wes Kitto

Wes leads the Bulldog Builders pack.  An experienced insurance adjuster and project manager, he oversees a skilled team of roofers and carpenters to provide unrivaled craftsmanship to properties all over Southeastern Wisconsin.


What Makes Us Special

From new construction and remodeling to insurance restoration and repairs, we treat each project more than a job. It’s a way for us to thank the community that helped become successful individuals. So the next time you need professionals to work on your property, hire the team that understands the value of being a good neighbor.

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